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Our 3D combines creation, adaptation, visualization, implementation, printing and animation across all sort of 3D space. We have allowed ourselves to technically and spatially interpret the entire 360 degrees of 3D .

3D animations in Maya / 3D Max, 3D photo-realistic image and design development, character animations, or the architecture master plan based walk through animations, creation of 3D printed 3D models, architecture based miniatures, 3D printed blocks in different materials and so on. Design culture 3D icons for day to day use in the animation and design media.

3D now is a massively growing line of works with an immense potential across the 3D Robotics and AI development in the times to come.

The advertising and film industry heavily depends upon modern day 3D VFX which match with the story scene's requirements , look of a city to a monster or a racing car and so on running across the landscapes and so much more.

The learning in 3D is vital for a young students imagination to draw parallels to visualizing a potential idea of a product and be able to design and master these software's through our quick and empowering learning experience. So they are ready to indulge in the market to compete and earn from their creativity and efforts. At DNA they get that platform to do projects with a large team and kick start their steps into the competitive world and earn alongside as well.