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Learn to create and earn.

Our WEB covers the following through our web development and social media programmes and opportunities to learn and start earning by innovation and creativity.

a. 3 to 5 days quick base development Web design , language learning, training for youngsters and corporate professionals

b. AV media / Multimedia training for youngsters and professionals such as presenting on camera, editing, graphics, operating camera, how to prepare online content for different platforms and so on. each is a learning module to get base training in few days up to a maximum of a week at 2 to 3 hours for 5 days a week with a practical 15 to 20 hours experience. We cover, sound works, audio video works, 2D 3D , 360 degree videos and so on.

c. Content Production : We also produce content of variety such as TV commercials, 3d animations, fiction and features based content, for media, television documentaries of human interest, corporate industry function profiles and project presentation videos, TV media content, online content, we are associated with professionals from across the advertising, and professional television and film industry.

d. Consulting in Entrepreneurship development by producing content for social media and for strategic data base audience.

e. Development of project websites and linking them with effective social media programmes successfully.

f. Creative marketing campaigns, events and competitions, we also devise effective and creative marketing solutions for various campaigns, launch events, competitions and so on.

g. Rural Youth Sports and Fitness Promotion: Under its premise DNA World India is associated with ACCORD Cricket and Sports Academy to promote sports skills in the rural youth across India, and creating tourneys for them to perform and be recognized in the sports fraternity and general public.