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The Next Global Player will be The Digital Entrepreneur. Start your Global Digital Entrepreneurship today with DNA World India. 
We empower the new Entrepreneurs with new  skills for the new digital business marketplace. We believe,  communication skills with the onset of the AI content revolution has started playing an important role in one's success towards new ways to  trade products or skills or sell products or services.  
New Entrepreneurs are short on operating budgets, devoid of affordable quality multi-skilled staff or teaming , they need supportive, affordable solutions to market, advertise, create awareness and also build revenues ROI and sustain in the Offline or the Online marketplaces.
Whether you are in #fmcg #realestate #health #travel #logistics #industry #assembly #education #service #automobile #marketing #hr so on you need VIDEO solutions along-side multitasking or showcasing design skills in meeting customer's expectations. We help you achieve that.

The market is quickly  moving into VIRTUAL/VIDEO platforms ( VVCOM/VCOM ) or Virtual Video Commerce. Adapting to new technologies. . We understand changing market trends and we skill you up in road mapping to success with  Digital Entrepreneurship and also help you Earn from the learning curve. So you learn and earn.

We specialize in creating  Audio Visual Content which is paramount in today's Digital MarketPlace for Social Media.  
Welcome to DNA World India, an Audio  Video production team based in New Delhi. We produce content for Social Media , also produce for brands a variety of content for marketing and awareness such as TV Commercials, Corporate Industrial Videos, Documentaries , Animations in 2D or 3D, carry out Visual Effects #vfx and have also ventured into producing Fiction and Web series. We have infrastructure equipped with Chroma studio which is used for unboxing videos, content for Marketing videos, training and education Videos, Lecture videos  for education, health , technology, environment, tourism and so on.

We have the team , creative writer, directors, editors,  mentors and trainers a to  produce modern, compelling content for language versions, and voice-overs, studio-based green screen productions, interviews, large canvas outdoor documentaries, industrial profiles and train youth in workshops or real location productions.

We have built infrastructure such as sound studio, editing post production facilities, shooting studio floor for young generation of Youtubers and other senior professionals  to utilise our facilities and create content for teaching, training, demonstration and product training purposes for corporate industrial companies in FMCG or high technology products into videos etc.
We can do demo shows for musicians at our air conditioned studios,  teachers / trainers/experts or companies can hire our studios to carry out their discourses and invite their students or  participants and record their lectures professionally. You can also use our studio space for meetings and professional business presentations and also connect online for conferencing purposes.
Please visit our studios when you can connect. Skills to Empower the New Generation. DNA stands for Dreams and Ambitions. Start your Global Digital Entrepreneurship today with DNA World India. Write to us to know more and get started.


Fully acoustic and Air Conditioned Studio Services:
  • Green Screen Studio with lights for shoots
  • Audio Studio and Sound Design with recording engineer
  • Video Studio for shoots
  • Full day Studio Package available
  • Video Editing Post Production with Editor
  • Graphics, 2D 3D Animations and VFX with artists
  • Voice over, Voice dubbing works
  • Sub Titling and credits
Turn Key Video Production services:
  • Team of Creative Writer, Creative Director and Technical Production DOP /for Edit-Post online/live event productions available for productions.
  • Turn Key Productions for TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Online Web content HD/UHD
  • Video resume, Music Videos, Promotional Videos, Profile videos, Company profile videos
  • You Tube Channel Videos, un-boxing products, product review, product demo videos
  • Green screen studio based drama and presentation videos.
  • Outdoor or indoor location based customer experience videos for research
  • Drama based videos , training videos, actor profile videos,
  • Set based cooking shows, fashion shows, choreography based productions
  • Casting videos for actors, presenters, master of ceremonies, employees, skills demonstration


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