DNA WORLD INDIA is a specialized Digital Content Production Company into Live Action Commercial Feature Film Production, Web Series, Visual FX and Animation, Content for TV & OTT, Producing TV Commercials, Industrial Corporate Films, Development Support Documentaries, Short Films and Content for Social Media. Blending unique ideas with research and a discerning eye over the audience’s changing tastes and trends.

DNA WORLD INDIA brings to its audience a fresh perspective in storytelling. The team at DNA WORLD INDIA brings an in-depth experience in content production. The team believes in producing modern stories which present positive and a purposeful point of view, rising competition, vision, synergies, aspirations, ambitions, challenges, achievements, urban, rural, cultural, SCI-FI, social, unity and happiness in a lively commercial tour de force in DNA WORLD INDIA beyond boundaries.

DNA WORLD INDIA Production & Post Production        TV . OTT . Online. Corporate . Commercials . Industrial
The intelligent picture capably reaches out to convey its emotion to its audience. At DNA WORLD INDIA we carry out diverse activities in the areas of production and post production, fully equipped with studios, facilities and infrastructure meeting variety of requirements, employing latest production camera equipment, sound systems, crewing for TV commercials, and web works in 2k/4k quality, Da Vinci for color corrections and compositing systems and software for animations in 2D and 3D. Our VFX meets the requirements for international cinema assignments in quality at an affordable cost. #dnaworldindia-post #dnaworldindia-production

A dynamic, breathtaking compositing experience borne out of in-depth briefing, storyboarding, action scene’s wire removals, photorealistic 2D/3D new locations background generation, AI based , Rotoscopy, Fusion, Design Animations and Compositing, Product plug-in and more . We have the full fledged teaming to execute industry standard VFX from a team with rewarding credentials. #DNAWORLDINDIA


Collaborate with DNA WORLD INDIA in devising projects towards a successful co-production in building content, exploring mutually beneficial marketing/revenue development opportunities. Co-Production opportunities with international production companies are most welcome. Write to us through our contact form and our team will be directly in touch with you. #coproduction


Sharing fully licensed titles for non exclusive content distribution through our own networks and adding the values we bring in through our rapport with the industry’s leading distributors and business partners. You can also connect with us to distribute our content overseas by becoming our official partner from your territory, write to us with all your contact details to pursue a long term content distribution relationship. We are looking for established distributors for our content. #distribution


Opportunities with DNA WORLD INDIA in acquiring content for the growing OTTs across India and overseas. Third party or DNA WORLD INDIA, Web/TV series or re-runs in English/Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam or other regional language/s which can be dubbed for local/National OTT/Overseas Cable TV opportunities in India and abroad. Third party Licensed commercially successful content will be welcomed or for adapting to develop new successful versions which are fully licensed and copyrighted. #acquisition

In-flight IFE

DNA WORLD INDIA values specialized content development such as travel or adventure shows, music or culinary shows, celebrity interviews and latest web series and film content for global in-flight entertainment. We also produce high caliber content for IFE with our networks in various languages. We are open to new programmes for IFE experience for viewers with a globetrotting lifestyle. #in-flight

Dubbing /Subtitling

Wonderful Content being absorbed in different regions requires equally engaging subtitling or dubbing in the languages. DNA WORLD INDIA provides professional sub-titling and voice dubbing for variety of content. DNA WORLD INDIA provides dramatic voices/talents in different languages or translations for subtitling for regional platforms. #dubbingsubtitling

Line Production

Producers looking for Line Production works can quickly connect with DNA WORLD INDIA. We have the professional deliverables profile. Logistics from recce in terms of location research, actors for casting, studio bookings , camera rentals, catering, transport, ticketing, medical insurance, crewing to post production, VFX, edit and music, Executive producer , Astt. directors, technicians, DOP, sound engineers and more. Pixmart Entertainment has a professional deliverables profile. #crewing, #lineproduction

The team at DNA WORLD INDIA is widely experienced in creative digital content production through co-production ventures a collaborative and a strategic commercially viable approach and to produce unique products to realize returns on investment. Be it the web series or digitally producing and distributing content through partners across the world.

We draw parallels with Industry leaders looking at a holistically developed roadmap to honorable and etiquette filled workmanship, creativity, leadership, methodical approach and diligently managed teams for all assembly line, starting with client briefs, storyboarding and screen play development, location recce, artists/talent casting, venue, location casting, budgeting, finalizing with logistics, catering, props and materials required, meeting all screenplay alongside locations/artists with supportive professional crewing, make up, costume, environment all the way to line production, permissions being finalized, valuable teaming, brainstorming, think tanking and then carrying out the schedule with all the relevant aspects required.

Following a well planned execution with pre and production steps, the post becomes a more enjoyable experience whether it’s for TV commercials , or for newly shot Web series, or simply for a Film production , such as mixing formats for a better storytelling approach, color corrections, adding VFX and then achieving the desired value with music, effects, follies, dubbing on location sounds over powerfully composed music and ready to roll out the screeners and release the film/content across platforms for distribution. We are proud of being part of a global film and content production distribution industry fraternity that respects sincere works and ambitious and focused teamwork.


Team of Creative Writer, Creative Director and Technical Production DOP /for Edit-Post online/live event productions available for productions.

Turn Key Productions for TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Online Web content HD/UHD, Video resume, Music Videos, Promotional Videos, Profile videos, Company profile videos.

You Tube Channel Videos, un-boxing products, product review, product demo videos.

Outdoor or indoor location based customer experience videos for research.

Drama based videos , training videos, actor profile videos,
Set based cooking shows, fashion shows, choreography based productions.

Casting videos for actors, presenters, master of ceremonies, employees, skills demonstration.


Fully acoustic and Air Conditioned Studio Services:

Green Screen Studio with lights for shoots Audio Studio and Sound Design with recording engineer Video Studio for shoots.

Full day Studio Package available Video Editing Post Production with Editor Graphics, 2D 3D Animations and VFX with artists Voice over, Voice dubbing works Sub-Titling and credits